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To help authors with technical and scientific vocabulary, Phillips
is maintaining an Arabic-English-Arabic lexicon of terms, that
is the merger of lexicons generated by Phillips authors.  Authors are
encouraged to review this lexicon whenever they need to translate some
concept for which they know the English word.  

  • If they do not find the word they are looking for, they are free to
    suggest one and include in their publication's  lexicon, for
    subsequent inclusion in the lexicon of Phillips.  

  • If they do find a translation in the lexicon but do not approve of it,
    they are free to suggest an alternative, which will also be included
    in the lexicon of Phillips.  Subsequent usage will produce natural

An obvious reference for a first attempt at translating technical terms
from English to Arabic, is google's
translate site.

English to Arabic Lexicon

Arabic to English Lexicon
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