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Welcome to the homepage of Phillips Publishing, a publisher that specializes in Arabic
scientific literature.   Started in 2006, Phillips Publishing has been encouraging Arabic
speaking scholars to produce scientific literature in Arabic, be it for the purpose of
education, research, or dissemination to a broader public audience.

Phillips Publishing produces Arabic scientific literature in a wide range of formats, on a
diverse set of media, including print media and electronic media.   Among the formats
of our publications, we cite:

  • A Textbook Series, dedicated to publishing university level educational textbooks
    in Arabic,

  • A series of Conference Proceedings, including a series of conferences on computer
    science and engineering in Arabic, that started in Tunis, Tunisia, in 2003,

  • A set of Arabic scientific journals, and

  • A Lecture Notes Series, which has been launched in 2012.

The subject matter of most of the early works that are published by Phillips is the field
of computing, but this is a coincidental circumstance more than a deliberate limitation.  
We encourage interested guests to browse through our collection.  

We encourage Arabic speaking scholars who are interested to publish textbooks,
organize conference series or launch journals in Arabic to write to us at  For general queries, please write us at
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